Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder ...

Whatever happened to background dancers for rappers?

When did MCs make the transition to "Lil'" people?

When did "Lil'" people become "young"?

Will "Old" be the new rapper prefix?

If so, wasn't Ol' Dirty Bastard ahead of his time?

Is it just me or is it awesome that football season starts this weekend? Go Panthers!!!

Am I the only one who's been quoting Bernie Mac more than normal since he passed?

How come black folks judge whether or not somebody can sing based on how clearly they scream? Think Yolanda Adams and Patti LaBelle

Am I the only one who wants to snatch a knot in those kids on "Supernanny?"

Isn't it great to have TravelDiva back? And congrats to her on her engagement!

Is it just me or is that 10 Million Pound Challenge commercial funny as crap where the dude said "Because I'm tired of my thighs rubbing together."

How do I quit this Quarterlife Crisis crap and get on with my life?

1 comment:

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hate football...

dont you be talking bout my aunt patti!!!

supernanny is great people really act like that? too bad for them

traveldiva is the hotness

most rappers can suck a rotten egg, big, ol, lil,whatev...i'm sick of them