Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New readers ...

Welcome!!! I hope you all will stop by periodically and not just look around, feel free to engage in the on-going conversation that is Difference of Opinion.
With that said, can I just say that I love the Real Time Live traffic feed component in the right rail?
I am always curious about the folks who come to read and this gives me the city you're from and how you got here. While some of you have been coming to my spot via Eb, 12kyle and PCD's spots, thank ya'll for the extra traffic, it has come to my attention that a lot of folks are coming through Google searches.
The craziest sounding Google search is "Will Smith + down low" and you're getting directed to a December post I did about Mr. Smith, Young Joc and R. Kelly. I'm sure this post is so not what you guys are looking for but I hope you'll stick around anyway.

Let me just say that I have no knowledge of Mr. Smith now or ever being on the down low. I certainly don't have any knowledge of him engaging in such acts with Duane Martin. In fact, up until I started seeing some of these Google searches, I hadn't heard any of this - at all.
How come every time black men are friends or cool with each other or get photographed in a "brotha man embrace" they have to be dating? That irks my soul.
Granted, I heard that Will and Jada and Duane and Tisha were into some freaky -ish, but I didn't buy into it. Folks are always going to gossip about celebrity couples and black celebrity couples especially. Truth be told, folks have been questioning The Fresh Prince's sexuality since "Six Degrees of Separation" and Jada has always been a lil' on the tomboy side.
Either way, I think it's their business and they can tell, or not, if they want to. If the Smiths are swinging and it's keeping their marriage together, more power to them. If the Martins are swinging and it's keeping their marriage together, more power to them. I don't think we ought to be getting in their business one way or the other.
These people are adults and they are married and if my mama taught me two things it's to stay out of grown folks and married folks business! So that's what I'm going to do. Besides, if you can't be freaky with your spouse, who else you gonna be freaky with?


CapCity said...

AMEN! Sis, AMEN! I'm SO tired of folk twistin' shyt & spreading rumors. By the way - congrats/good luck on the TV fast. I don't have cable: refuse to pay for such garbage (specially if I'm not here to watch it most of the time;-) - just a tv. So, if it's not a movie that I pop in it's not getting watched! LOL! thank God for sports bars - my dating life isn't suffering too badly;-).

Eb the Celeb said...

Isnt site meter the best invention ever. I thought I was the only one who actually looked at that thing and wondered how people find my site for the first time.

Smarty Jones said...

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy Cap City!!!
Thanks girl, I'm going to need it. I finished my business plan last night a full 21 days early. What am I to do for three weeks?

@ Eb, yes it is, dare I say, freakin' awesome! Lol.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Exactly. What goes on between consenting adults is their own biz.

Dianne said...

whenever I visit someone for the first time I always tell them where I came from - I came here from this really great political blog by this great writer I found - her name is Smarty Jones and she's Poli-ticked!

I'm so behind on gossip - I never knew there was any mumbling about Will's sexuality. I've read all the Scientology crap - and years and years ago they used to say he wasn't really a rapper.

In general I just find all of that to be so useless and stupid. Especially right now when the world needs some real attention paid to it.

I'm really happy I found both your blogs - I enjoy you :)

12kyle said...

i've heard this rumor several times about will. and rumors about he and jada being swingers. there might be some truth to it...but i don't care. i'm still a fan.

i's not like he pee'd on a child