Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Can you believe there's something else Will Smith can do?

He can fit his whole foot in his mouth. The Fresh Prince has managed to offend a lot of people with a seemingly harmless comment.
Smith was quoted in a story the Scottish newspaper, The Daily Record, saying, "Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was good."
Now obviously, I get it. He's basically saying that people generally do what they think is right. That most people usually don't wake up with the premise of seeing how much pain they can cause that day.
The sad thing is these pseudo journalists (gossips rags and paparazzi) took the comment and blew it completely out of proportion. Under most circumstances, Smith is usually a squeaky-clean kinda guy. You never hear about him losing his mind or running around on his wife so they took something like this to try to make him seem anti-Semitic.
Puh-lease!!! Now you've got Jewish people calling for his movie "I Am Legend" to be pulled form theaters. I tell you man, some of my counterparts really make me question why I got into this business in the first place.
I don't think this man hates Jewish people or loves Hitler. He was simply using an example of a bad person who thought he was doing good. Obviously people have nothing better to do with their time than to comb foreign newspapers for celebrity news.
Speaking of someone else who needs to find something to do. Young Joc was arrested in Cleveland on a concealed weapons possession charge. According to various media reports, the Atlanta-bred rapper was caught trying to carry a loaded gun onto a Delta Airlines flight.
Is it just me or has this dude been asleep since September 2001? Who told this Bama that he could take any kind of weapon on an airplane?
They are jacking people up for nail clippers and baby oil, why is hells name would he think he could get a gun through security? Shoot, I got pulled off to the side for having too many zippers so I know that dang detector started going crazy when he walked through with that gun.
Then, this dude had the nerve to miss court today - on a felony charge. I mean really. He's got some humongous balls ain't he?
Who does he think he is - R. Kelly?
And speaking of Kells, a Chicago judge forced him to cancel his Hampton, Va., concert to make sure that he is in court the following day. The man still hasn't been to court for when he got arrested for kiddie porn in 2002.
Maybe it's just me but I thought the Bill of Rights guaranteed a speedy trial. In what world is five years speedy? If he was any other neighborhood pervert, he would already been in prison. It didn't take 'em this long to get Michael Jackson in court.
Anyway, the concert is scheduled for Jan. 13, he has a court date on the 14th. He failed to appear at another court date because he was out of town on tour. I think the judge is saying "that'll never happen again." I guess with 869 miles between Chi-town and Hampton, the judge didn't want to take any chances.
Let's hope that he goes to court sometime soon before everybody forgets what he's been charged with. It's not like they need a jury anyway. His music is going to convict him.
Think about it:
"Bump & Grind" - "My mind's telling me noooooooooooo! But your bod-y, your bod-y's telling me yessssssssssssssssss!"
"It Seems Like You're Ready" - "It seems like you're ready, girl are you ready to go all the way? It seems like you're ready, I could have sworn you were ready ..."
"Down Low" - "Keep it on the down low. Nobody has to know."
Shall I go on? I mean really, it does not take an Algebra teacher to realize that this equation does not compute. He is obviously dealing with some young girls in these songs.
I say if his mind is telling him no, I am guessing he shouldn't do it. If he's telling the girl that it seems like she's ready, obviously she's not. And what grown a-- woman needs needs to be told she's ready to go "all the way" with a man? And that "down low" crap? That song sounds like it belongs on an episode of Barney and Friends.
Don't be like that, I am not the only one who thought Barney was a child molester. You do all this stuff with this big purple freak and you can't tell anybody about it? I don't care where you're from - That's a child molester.


Sheletha said...

hey!!! you are just down the street from me!! Im in da'boro!!

Ebonne said...

Hilarious girl... I agree with you on the Will Smith thing... squeaky clean black men can only stay that way for so long... eventually they will find something wrong with you... dumb joc is just an idiot... oh and Kels... had been milking this delayed trial for everything its worth... he's released 2 albums since then and touring... but they wouldnt even let TI have people over his house for thanksgiving... that's crazy...

Ebonne said...

Oh... did you hear about the Chris Stokes, B2K debacle... I was thinking that went right along with the rest of this post!

Smarty Jones said...

Girl I know. I was trying to work on a transition and I couldn't quite get it like I wanted to.
That's some crazy stuff. I'm not sure if I believe it or not. But I said years ago that Chris Stokes had a little Equal in him.
Regardless of the situation, if he did it, he needs to catch a beat down. I'm sure the statute of limitations has come and gone. I just hate it.
I saw the videos on YouTube and Raz-B looks like he's in pain. I hate it for him. My heart really goes out to those guys.

Anonymous said...

You had too many zippers on that purse of yours wasn't it. Someone had to stop you. I knew you needed to get rid of that thing.