Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There's another Spears baby on the way ...

... don't be alarmed, it's not Britney's. It's her little sister Jamie Lynn is preggors and the child is only 16 years old. I am not standing in judgement of this situation nor am I surprised.
For those of you who don't know, Jamie Lynn has starred in Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" since 2005. Before landing that show, she was a regular cast member on Nick's sketch comedy show "All That."
Until today, the teen starlet has managed to avoid negative press unlike her sissy Brit and her counterparts. I heard about this when I turned on my girl Robin on Morning Express this morning.
My initial thought was, "another one bites the dust." Then I started to really think about that thing. I think she had to go to drastic measures to get the attention she needed. It is one thing to be a younger child, it is completely another to be the sibling that is not getting any attention.
I'm sure her parents are too busy being concerned about their grandchildren and their elder wayward child and she got lost in the shuffle. What better way to get her parents attention than to give them another grandbaby?
I really wish her the best. The good thing about this set up is Jamie Lynn has the money to take care of herself and her child but no amount of money can make up for piss poor parenting and I think that Jamie and Brit are victims of that.
Granted parents can not be responsible for their children once they are adults making their own decisions but it is the parents job to make sure that their children are equipped to make good decisions. I think Mrs. Spears dropped the ball on that one.
Speaking of dropping the ball, whose turn is it to suggest to Amy Winehouse that she actually go to rehab and stop singing about it?
I mean dang, how much more does she have to endure? How much further to the bottom? I really hate what she's going through because she is super talented. My heart really goes out to her and her family.
Winehouse, 24, is a London-bred soul singer who burst onto the American music scene with her "Back to Black" CD that features the hits "Tears Dry on Their Own" and "Rehab." The girl is so talented it's not even funny. "Back to Black" has done so well that her first CD "Frank" is being re-released in the states.
Now of course, with so much talent and so many accolades, Winehouse has been classified as a basket case. The woman has been arrested for assault and drug possession. She was also photographed roaming outside her house barefoot wearing a bra and jeans. Even if she was looking for an intruder, why wouldn't she put on a T-shirt or something?
Either way, I made the comment the other day that she and her husband like a British Bobby and Whitney. But hey, at least Whitney wised up and got out of that situation. I just hope that Winehouse will see the light and eventually change her situation and she looks good too.
When will people learn that "crack is whack" and rehab is a good thing?
I'll tell you someone who else is going to need rehab (and physical therapy too), the next paparazzi photog who tries to take Julia Roberts' picture.
Roberts has been stalked by those pseudo-pressmen outside her homes in NYC and LA and even her kids' school. What is that about? Is there nothing off limits?
I swear, they need to leave those people alone. I mean dang, I love celebrity news as much as the next person but good grief, do they have nothing that belongs only to them? How would you guys like it if people followed you and bugged the hell out of you snapping pictures while you try to live your life?
Have we created this monster? I mean dang, why should these artists and entertainers have to suffer just because they are good at what they do? That's crap! Nobody wants to be isolated but that is what they've had to do to try to shield themselves from these crazies with the cameras. I don't know what's worse, the people who break their necks to take the pictures or the "media" outlets that publish them.
I'll tell you what though, there wouldn't be so many of these lowlifes if the law didn't protect them as much. Granted if you are on a public street, I guess that means you are fair game. But when it comes to a school and photographing people with their children, something should be done about that.


Ebonne said...

These kids are crazy these days... and their mom is pimpin her out for more publicity on her being pregnant... amy winehouse... is just a sad, sad story... I keep her CD is heavy rotation and I am convinced it will be her only studio project just like MS. Hill...

girl you forgot to talk about Tapanga... remember her from boy meets world... she got arrested for a DUI recently... just crazy!!!

Smarty Jones said...

I know. I found out about that a couple of hours after I posted. I am thinking of re-naming this post "White Girls Gone Wild."
I hate to say it but you are more than likely dead on about MS. Winehouse. I really hope not because I love her music too. As far as Jamie Lynn, you are absolutely right again. Their mom seems to get a lot of publicity and she seems to be buying into it. I mean, the woman was writing a parenting book. I hope it wasn't a "How-to" manual because she f-ed that up.