Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sometimes I wonder ...

... this will probably be a regular post. How regular, I don't know. But I will say that it is inspired by 12kyle even though he's an Aggie Hater.
This is a series of random thoughts I've had over the past few weeks since I've given up TV that my friends and family members refuse to listen to so I guess I'll subject you, my audience, to these thoughts. Brace yourselves.
Sometimes I wonder:


- I am the only sane person left in this universe. I find it sad when I'm always the one making the most sense in a conversation.

- we will ever truly get over our hang ups and stigmas long enough make this a better place for the generation behind us.


- media outlets will stop being fixated on celebrities and their business. I don't care that Angelina Jolie had her babies.

- the maintenance people at my apartment complex will fix something right the first time and not have me burning up in the middle of the night because of a broken air conditioner.


- people lick their fingers to separate papers and plastic bags. Do I look like I want to come in contact with the germs from your dirty a-- mouth?

- people cough into their hands and offer it to you to shake when they greet you or touch something that you have to touch. I guess you automatically assume that I want in my body what ever you're trying to force out by coughing.

- old people get on major interstates and drive 40 mph in the middle lane. I know 40 is the minimum you can go on the highway but I think they mean for them to stay in the right lane.

- do people continue to hire ghetto a-- secretaries. The secretary in my office takes a series of personal phone calls all day long, sometimes babysits her granddaughter at work and gets upset when she has to do some real work. She's trying to talk to a 2-year-old on the phone now.

- the actual lyrics to The Temptations "The Way You Do the Things You Do" are so corny. Have you ever really listened to them? "As pretty as you are, you know you coulda been a flower, if good looks were a minute, you know that you could be an hour ..." WTH?

- if all these people are looking for love online, why don't they have a weekend-long singles conference and hook up in person? It seems like that would make more sense than meeting somebody online and having these in-depth convos via instant messenger and you meet them and discover their picture is 20 years old.

- corporate America deems it necessary to stick their employees in cubicles. Isn't navigating through these cube farms similar to sending hamsters through a maze?

*** Addendum ***
I'm also wondering why it seems like Miss America can't walk in heels?


12kyle said...

@ Smarty Jones
I got much love for you and Eb the Celeb. Do I hate your school? Of course...I do. But I'ma Bulldog and I'm 'sposed to hate an Aggie. LMAO!!!

Seriously...glad to know that I inspired the post.

if we will ever truly get over our hang ups and stigmas long enough make this a better place for the generation behind us. good question. I really hope that it happens...sooner than later.

I could care less about Brad and Angelina's churren. Too busy worried about my own. LOL

I hate when people cough and then shake your hands. If you know that you have a cold, then don't shake my hand.

Lotta folks are looking for love online. I recently met a couple who met online. They've been married for 4 yrs. WOW!

Smarty Jones said...

It's OK that you hate us, I mean really, sometimes I begin to take for granted the greatness that is my institution and then I think of the rinky schools I could have gone to like S.C. State. LoL. In case I didn't say it earlier, "Hi Hater!"

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! I hadn't seen the video, but heard about it. I'm so mad she got up and continued to clap. I guess she tried to play it off and continue the strut. HA!

I hate when people cough and want to shake your hand. YUCK.

LOL on the ghetto secretaries!

FYI - Posted pics of the trip on CITC!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I could relate to a lot of these! Especially the one about people licking their fingers to turn a page or open a grocery bag. I never understood this either. You feel really weird touching the sheet of paper once their fingers have been licked! Lol. And as far as the media outlets, I too am not interested in learning about when and where Angelina had her babies. That's a private family matter for her and her family, not for us all. Great post!