Monday, August 06, 2007

Celebrities and their relationships ...

... are once again dominating the news.
Apparently Usher has another confession. He married his knocked-up fiance today in his lawyers office. ~starry eyed~ "How romantical!"
The May-December couple were set to get married last weekend but cancelled their nuptials without any explanation to their guests or the press.
There were a lot of rumors surrounding the reason the couple decided to call off the wedding. One was that his mother was against it, another was that she'd had some complications with the baby and the other was that the two couldn't agree on a ceremony.
Any or all of those things could be true, but honestly, I really don't care either way. Usher is one of those stars that I just don't really care what he does when he's not performing. You know those "celeb-reality" shows that show how the stars live and how their houses are decorated and all that? If he were the subject, I really wouldn't watch it. In fact, I'd break my neck to avoid it. He's just not on my list of "interesting people."
But someone who is on my list is Eddie Murphy. I don't know why that dude was fresh out of a marriage and was not using protection when he was with Ginger Spice. Murphy finally admitted that he is her "babydaddy."
Murphy is engaged to Tracie Edmonds, Babyface's ex, and said in an interview that he will continue to take care of that child like he does his others. He already has five other children from his previous marriage and Edmonds has two of her own.
Talk about "Daddy Day Care," that's a lot of kids. You just don't see families that big anymore. If they keep on, they're going to have a baseball team, shoot, if they like basketball, they already have a starting five and three riding the pine.
Hey, Eddie thinks he can sing, he should put instruments in their hands and be the chocolate-dipped Partridge Family. Instead of singing an R&B version of "I Think I Love You," they can sing "Party All the Time," they might even have a leg up since they'll have Babyface's kids in the group.
OK, I'm done with them. Onto other relationships that could possibly affect me, and some of you, CNN posted a story earlier today about interracial relationships. Click here when you get a minute,
For those of you who won't, read it, the spin on this story the fact that more and more black women are dating and in some cases marrying outside of their races.
For those of you who know me, you know I have no problem with dating outside my race, in fact I am happy that more of my sistern are being more open minded about dating men outside of our race.
I think it is high time that we let go of this fantasy of having the perfect black knight in shinning armor to sweep us off our feet. I say we come on back to reality and recognize that men are men, regardless of race or color.
Instead of color being the first thing we look for in a man we should be looking to make sure that he is a good man. I don't give a crap if the dude is black, white, Hispanic, Asian or plaid with white polka dots, if he is good to me then I am cool with it!
I would much rather have a white man treat me like the queen I am than to have a black man treat me like dirt.
Oh yea, and here's a little more food for thought, why is it that folks have a problem with interracial dating, but only when it involves black and brown folks?
Think about it.

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