Monday, August 27, 2007

Well Hallelujah …

Mike Vick has found Jesus!
This is so funny for so many different reasons. I’m not laughing because Jesus found him, because He was never lost. I’m not laughing because he copped a plea that will have him out of jail in no time.
I’m laughing because in this whole situation, everybody has made him out to be this monster and now, he’s leaning on Jesus. Now I am in no position to question anyone’s spirituality – that’s between them and the God they serve – but I am in a position to question the morals of all these people who are hanging Vick out to dry.
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I don’t recall seeing these people picketing and protesting when Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones got into trouble. I don’t even recall seeing them when Ray Lewis got in trouble or when they found Rae Carruth hiding in the trunk of that car in Tennessee.
Shoot, these animal rights activists have all but said, ‘we care about animals more than we do black folks.’
Of course I have no way of proving that but actions do speak louder than words and the way these folks are acting, they care about animals more than they do us.
I went to see Erykah Badu live on Saturday and she made a very valid point. She said that we live in a country where people can go and get a license to go out, shoot and kill an animal and put his head on a wall for display. But they persecute Vick for killing dogs. She said all that to say they need to make up their minds – and I agree.
Rights for all animals or rights for none of ‘em. They’re no more like people than they were before they were domesticated.
I think all of this was a witch hunt to take out another one of our brothers who was on top. I tell you what, Donovan McNabb, LeBron and ‘nem had not better get any pets. Or better yet, from now on, the favorite pet of the “Brotherman” should be fish.
Then again, if they get too big, somebody will be trying to fry ‘em up.
Oh never mind.


Anonymous said...

I really do feel bad for Michael Vick. I mean clearly they are only doing all of this because of who he is. Why do we have time to pay so much attention to this when there is so much else going on in the world?? Oh and Erykah Badu is absolutely right. I had never thought about that. I just hope this does not end his football career because it just isn't that serious.


Smarty Jones said...

You're right. It isn't that serious to us because we people of color don't exactly have all our rights yet.

Ebonne said...

I totally agree... none of the PETA people came running to help the people that suffered from Katrina. We are at the 2 year mark since that happened and people are still out of homes but we are worried about some animals. Dont get me wrong... I love dogs and have grew up with them but I draw the line when people start to care more for animals that they do people that is just wrong. I am not at all defending what Vick did, but the you have to have some priorities in situations like this and obviously poor black people are not the priority.