Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's been a minute ...

... I know, but, see what had happened was ... it's a long story. But you know I got some stuff for you.
In the words of the incomparable Mary J. Blige, "I've held my tongue too long ..." This Genarlow Wilson business is getting out of hand. I was hoping they would have handled it a couple of weeks ago, but seeing as how the story has disappeared, I think it is safe to ASS-ume that nobody cares except we "darker-hued" people.
This guy is locked up for doing something that almost every 17-year-old boy has done. He received fellatio from a 15-year-old girl. Apparently what he did is considered child molestation. There is a two-year difference between the two, we're talking a senior and a sophomore. How many seniors dated sophomores when you were in high school?
Apparently they were found out when a video tape was confiscated of the actual act happening. First off, if they were going to do this, the little Filthy McNasties should not have been in a position to have had this thing taped. And what about the girl? Has she been charged with something? Did anyone talk to her to find out if he coerced her?
I'm guessing no. Some girls these days don't have any kind of respect for themselves. They're not shy about the fact that they are getting their teenaged grooves on. But lets face it, this whole thing is ridiculous.
Granted they are teenagers and they shouldn't be engaging in any sort of sexual relations, oral or intercourse, but let's face it, it's happening. My advice to the law enforcement folks down in the Peach State, GROW UP!!!
The law that has Wilson in that cage was changed. Now instead of a 10-year prison sentence and having to register as a sex offender, like offenders will only have to spend a year in jail. The only problem is the change was not retroactive, which means Wilson won't be grandfathered into the new law.
Since Wilson was denied a bond at a hearing last month, his case won't come up again until October. He'll just have to sit in prison, with hardened, life-long criminals until then. But hey, maybe he should have lied to investigators and helped to out a CIA operative and then maybe he would have gotten a lighter sentence that would have later been commuted.

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