Thursday, February 19, 2009

About performance enhancing drugs ...

... I don't care.
For the past couple of weeks, news has surfaced that that super-phoine Alex Rodrigez tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003 when he played with the Texas Rangers.
The league didn't give a crap about steroids then so why should we? Now everybody's saying that calls all his achievements on the field into question because they don't know if he's been under the influence of a helper.
Honestly, I don't remember there being a whole lot of uproar on the part of anyone about steroids until the now deceased wrestler, Chris Benoit, offed his family and himself in a fit of 'Roid Rage. I'm not saying that wasn't sad, but he obviously was using too much or he shouldn't have been using that particular kind or something.
OK, I lied, I do care. I'm in favor of them, for the most part.
How is a sports fanatic like Smarty Jones in favor of "performance enhancing drugs?" I'm glad you asked.
Hear me out. As consumers and fans, we expect to see professional athletes do amazing things on the field, court and in the ring. Hell, you spend your hard earned money on those expensive ass jerseys, tickets and the expensive ass food in the arenas if you are fortunate enough to attend a game. Why shouldn't they put on an awesome show?
I'm not saying it should be like "Gladiator" where they have dudes fighting to the death, but damn, I don't want to pay $65 to see the Charlotte Bobcats get blown out when all they need to do is shoot up to get as good as their opponents!
I think if these guys are going to get juiced up, they should do it under the supervision of a trained, health care professional and not get all this crap on the black market that is causing their best asset to shrivel up and make them stupid and angry.
I swear man, if everybody could learn to kept their dang mouth shut like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, there wouldn't be any problems. Shoot, if the sports world would just go ahead and open up their minds, we can avoid scenes like this one:

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