Friday, January 23, 2009

WTH - The Inauguration Version

I've started watching The View again, apparently my job isn't enough of a headache, and they have a new segment called "What the Hell Wednesdays." I thought, 'why can't I do something similar whenever I take a notion to?'
Sometimes it may just be a picture, sometimes I may add text with that picture and sometimes there will be a video and so on.
So, here it is, my first installment of "What the Hell?!"

Fox contributor Michelle Malkin called the song "My President Is Black" racist. Since when do we look to rappers to uphold any kind of moral standard and the president is black. I am with Eb the Celeb on this one. It's just entertainment. Gah!

Is it just me or did Roberts do this -ish on purpose? Somehow, I think he wanted him to mess up. How do we know that Roberts isn't a tool for the Fox News "Fair and Balanced" news system?

*In my best Claire Hanks Huxtable voice* "Let the rec-cord show... " that Obama became the president at 12:01 p.m., per the U.S. Constitution. Why won't they just let it go? Your guy lost. Get over it.

WHAT THE HELL?! My initial thought when I saw Jigga Man in this get up is that someone killed a rabbit and put it on his head. But upon further review, it appears that someone trapped a beaver, skinned it and stuck it on top of his head.
And what is up with his goggles? Somebody please tell me that those things are not prescription. Obviously, his wife did not dress him before they left their hotel room. Next time, they should seek the opinion of others instead of having him run lose on the streets of our nation's capital looking like a new fool!

Speaking of folks looking a fool:

LMAO! This hat has Women's Day speaker written all over it. Those of you who grew up in a southern black church know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't usually have anything against church hats, but come on ya'll. This hat was a bit much for me.
My late grandmother wore hats, my godmother wears them and so do so many other women I look up to, but ya'll, I was not feeling this big ole' Christmas bow of a hat.
I'm just glad she didn't have her tatas out.
But I heard it was so cold, she might have frozen them off if she did. Long story short, if I had to choose between the hat and the tatas, I'd choose the hat. But dang, that hat was too much for me.

Feel free to share your WTH moments from inauguration. I'm pretty sure I missed a few things. Fill 'em in for me.


Anonymous said...

That hat was SHAAAAAAAAARP! And I wonder if Jay-Z considers Solange the meddlesome sister-in-law?!!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao.. well said... especially on Jay-z's hat... and what is up with him and that nappy baby fro... he doesn't get haircuts anymore?

I thought it was the women that let themself go when they got married but in this case its the other way around

D.C. said...

What they were reporting on FOX about Jay Z was such a mess! No. 1, they're not acknowledging the truth that our president IS Black,now. And No. 2 there is nothing wrong with Jay Z and Beyonce attending the inaguration. They are just celebrity icons, and I'm sure there are many others who attended as well who were contraversially against Obama for the wrong reasons.

And that bit about Robert Rush (Obama's economic advisor) and excluding white contractors from the stimulous plan, I think they need to get their facts strait on that one...(I gotta look more into that).

I think this lady is twisting something real (Black struggle in the past with the hope we now have that our president is Black) into something quite delusional. I think its funny that she's accusing democrats and Obama of being racial when many of them have not only suffered from the instututional racism in the country, but have also chosen to speak out against race. I think she's forgetting that Obama spoke out against institutional racism well before he became president, and mentioned improving race relations in his acceptance speech.

This is just like Fox. Fair and balanced, right?
It would have been more appropriate for them to have the players in their story speak out as to why they did what they did (how about a Black person) instead of some Asian lady (probably Republican) labeling the situation. That's SO fair.

The F$%K it List said...

That damn Michelle Milken makes me want to smack her. Jay Z is a rapper, its a damn shame that Fox can't find real news. UGH. I mean really to even envoke the name of Martin Luther King when speaking of rappers is ridiculous.

And has either of the two listened to Nas' song its not that ignorant mess that Jeezy is spitting. Girl you done got my pressure up. OH wait and did I not just touch on using the N word in the same sentence as Barack Obama, GOOD LORD.

On to the rest of the WTH, Jay Z's hat is hot Kill da rabbit mess, Oh Aretha why would you do that? you look silly enough but now that silly is wrapped in a big giant BOW!

TravelDiva said...

LOL. My WTH moment would be being jammed in the crowds and have Courteney Cox and David Arquette brush by me right in the mix with all of the non-ticket losers.