Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Talk Radio

Sooooo, I spent a couple hours last night listening (and participating) in The Jaded NYer's talk radio show. First off, I had to listen because I knew Eb and 12kyle were going to have me rolling at their exchanges.
The topic though was "Mars vs. Venus: A Conversation Between Heterosexuals." It was basically a chat amongst adults about communication between the sexes, particularly singles. It would be more appropriate to say the lack of communication between the sexes.
This all got the wheels of my mind turning and I'm wondering, do we as women give off some sort of vibe when we are or are not feeling a dude?
Don't get me wrong, I know there are some subtle things we can do to let a dude know we're interested like giving eye contact and what have you. But, what is it that men see or think they see that let's them know it is OK to approach a woman? This is something I've always wondered and have gotten half-assed answers from my brothers about.
Another blogger, one Mr. Darius T. Williams basically said that women are constantly giving off signals from the perfume we wear to simply saying "hi," and if we don't want the attention, we should stop it. Of course we didn't let him get away with that, but I want to know what you guys think.
Of course this is all a very long story and I'm leaving out parts intentionally so that you guys will go over to the site and listen to the podcast of last night's show.
Because I'm all about examples and using this blog for my own personal benefit, I have a scenario. Feel free to chime in on this or the topic overall.
So, in my quest to become a healthier, happier me, I have joined a gym. I've been going three or four times a week since November. There's a dude who is always there when I'm there. About two weeks ago, I felt someone staring at me while I'm trying to do my few minutes on that dreadful elliptical machine.
I looked up and saw dude staring at me. He smiled, I'm sure I gave him one of those, "what the hell you looking at" faces.
Wouldn't you? I'm in the gym, sweating and breathing hard, let me do my workout and try to holla at me when I look more presentable.
Anyway, now whenever I go, dude is still looking and grinning. What did I do to invite his attention?
Need a visual? Fast forward the video to six minutes.


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... I hate hate hate being holla'd at, at the gym... and all these mags say thats one of the best places to find men but I just aint feeling it.

And Darius is just a trouble maker... I am convinced... unless I'm devour myself in a female version of Axe...(do they even have that for women? lol) then the perfume I wear aint got nothing to do with you hounding me down in the club... All that was just a ploy to feed into the fact that men are dogs and act like animals since you cant have a women that smells good walk passed you without you acting like a dog who was just given a bone!

Smarty Jones said...

Girl, I don't want anybody talking to me in the gym unless it's a trainer.
Don't they see? I'm focused man!
LoL @ Darius being a trouble maker. I don't know if I'd say he's making trouble but he does like to stir the pot.
I'm with you and Jaded NYer, it seems like an excuse for bad behavior.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! I hear you. You just look crazy at the gym--even if you come in there looking okay. I remember one time this perfectly hot guy--I mean football player physique, tall, etc. stopped and staired at me while I was on the elliptical. And I glared at him like, WTF--I'm on the elliptical, tired, in a sweatshirt and not in the mood. He left. Afterwards, I was like WTF is wrong with me---at the time I was single and he was hot. Why was I trippin? LOL.

Maybe it's just because you feel rough in the gym you know.

Smarty Jones said...

@ TravelDiva, girl, not only do I feel rough, I know I look rough! Keep in mind that I just started working out on a regular for the first time since high school, so I am trying to shed what I've put on and then some.
I already sweat like a runaway slave on a regular hot day, now I've got help with the sweatshirt and the movement.
I was so not feeling like I'm in a position for you to holla at me right now.

12kyle said...

i really did enjoy the spirited convo that we had.

as for the dude at the gym, maybe he likes what he sees (although you're sweaty) and he just doesn't know what to say to you. maybe you should approach him and ask him why he's smiling?

good post

Demon Hunter said...

Of course we as women want to look gorgeous when men check us out, but I've noticed that men seem to be more intimidated when we're dressed up. When we look like hags at the gym is when they feel okay to approach, IMHO.

Kyle, any thoughts on that?

TravelDiva said...


Darius T. Williams said...

I am no trouble maker! LOL