Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Want You Parents ...

... to stop the madness!
The other day, I followed a link from Facebook about a woman who gave birth to twin boys on separate days in separate years. OK, common sense should tell you that one was born on New Year's Eve and the other on New Year's Day.
I would like to send out congrats to both parents. I commend all women who have given birth, that looks like some excruciating stuff that I'm in no hurry to experience.
Of course, with a new baby comes a lot of new responsibilities. Parents have to make sure the kid is fed, clean, healthy and happy. Those are a given right? There is one major responsibility that the parents have that people don't really think a lot about and that is what you name your kid.
These twins names are Tarrence Junior and Tariq. Those aren't that bad. The name I had a problem with is the mom's name. Her name is Tangernika Woods. I lie to you not, her name is Tangernika.
I apologize in advance if any of the following offends you or your mama, but come on people! Is it just me or have we gotten a little out of control with these names. Seriously, ya'll.
When I read her name, my initial thought was that it was clearly made up. And after a thorough Google search, I confirmed that this name is indeed made up. Usually, parents who make up names for their kids combine their names or name a female after her father. Think names like Albertina, Claudette and Jamesina. The only thing I could think of that her parents could have combined to name her after was Tangerine and Tanika and that's not cute.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that she had to name her something as ordinary as Tiffany, but damn! Tangernika? I mean really! People need to realize that your name says a lot about you. It's your calling card, people judge you by it before they meet you. It's not right, but it happens.
Sometimes it can help you but some times it can hinder you. How many intelligent people do you think have been held back because of their name? Let's be real, we can't all be Oprahs, Condoleezas and Baracks. They made it in spite of their names because they are freaking brilliant!
I'm not saying that Shaheed ain't smart, but how many times do you think he'll be discriminated against before he gets his chance?
Naming your kid is not your opportunity to live out your vain fantasies of what you'd name yourself if you had a chance! Name your kid something that will help them get a job that they won't need a college degree to spell!
Keep in mind that naming your child is the only decision you can make for your child that can't be undone. While they can have their name legally changed, you will call them what you named them and so will the family.
"His mama named him Clay, I'm gon' call 'em Clay!"


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i must agree. some folks say i like "white" names...but i say, i like names that aren't supercalifragilisticexpealadocious! its unnecessary...silly and foolish. well, i guess i'd rather be a tangernika than twins names lemonjello (leh-MAHN-jallo) and oranjello (or-RAHN-jallo)...yes, after jello

Smarty Jones said...

Welcome back PCD! How was your sabbatical? Are you serious about the Jell-O twins? WTH?

The F$%K it List said...

Oh yes PCD is very serious about the jello twins. My friend in New Orleans also taught a orangejello but he was an only child, THANK GOD!

I mean my name is strange to some, but there is a cultural connectiono. SO I braved the jokes and stupid comments and proved folks wrong. However my name is not some made up nonsense with 1000 letters.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

still on break...but this post was funny, so i had to post :-)

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Yeah, one time I read in the paper someone had name their child Moet Alize. Why on God's green earth would you do that to a child? She'll be teased forever and will be forced to change her name later on in life!

I'm mad that PCD came out of hiding to post and then go back into obscurity. I swear she's like MJ! LOL.

Smarty Jones said...

LMAO @ TravelDiva. As long as she doesn't start covering Lil' PCD in blankets and running around buying up crap she can't afford calling people "ignorant," she's OK!
But Moet Alize? I see a stint in rehab for that child.

12kyle said...

LMAO @ TravelDiva!!!!

My sons are named Deion, Kameron, and Brandon. I refused to named them something crazy. LOL!!!!

btw...if we had a girl...I always liked Tiffany. But there will be NO GIRLS!!! Haaaa

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, Im feeling you on this one...but yeah I made my kids names up too. I wont go there mmkay!