Thursday, December 18, 2008

There's no crying in basketball ...

I guess there is.

In case you didn't watch the video, Glen "Big Baby" Davis proved that he has his nickname for a reason. That dude stomped off to his corner, started crying and threw his towel after hearing some "harsh" words from Kevin Garnett.
Note to KG, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

I thought nothing would would be worse than seeing Terrell Owens cry last year after the scrutiny his quarterback, Tony Romo, faced last year after losing in the first round of the playoffs when he returned from a Mexican vackay with his Space Cadet girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

This though has taken the cake, the ice cream and the damn cherry on top! Crying over some "harsh words" from a teammate? What's next, bitching to the coach that nobody will pass him the ball?
I'm sorry, I just have a thing for overly sensitive men. I can't respect 'em, I never have. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that men should never cry, I'm saying they shouldn't cry about everything. Hell, women shouldn't cry about everything, it has never solved a single problem in your adult life.
When you're a child, you cry when you get upset about something because you can't effectively articulate your feelings. When you're an adult, you cry as a means to show hurt, regret or frustration. Go ahead and argue that Davis was crying out of frustration and I'll argue that his work is called a game and games are supposed to be fun. How many people find work fun?
Since this can be a little confusing, I'll give you a couple of scenarios where crying is acceptable and when it's not.

Cry when:
*you're laughing just that hard
* you're moved by the Holy Spirit
* there's a death of a relative, friend and a pet that you've had more than five years
* you're too broke to pay attention
* Duke Power has turned off your lights and you're about to lose the house
* you get divorced.
* your children are born or there are other major events like graduations and YOUR or your daughter's wedding.
By all means, have at it. Cry, "take your soul to the laundromat" like Lyfe Jennings said.

Do not cry when:
* you get reprimanded at work
*you get criticized
* your team loses a big game
* it is your child's first day of school
* you are in the middle of an argument
* you see a touching movie
* there is something frivolous involved
Honestly, how many more of these dudes do we need?

I'm gonna tell you now, if a dude comes to me crying about nothing, I am subject to laugh in his face and leave him all on the same day. If he's the one crying, when do I have time to be emotional? How is he going to comfort me, with his sensitive ass?!


Charles said...

That T.O. pic is too damn priceless...I'll never forget that.

But I'm kinda indifferent on your sentiment though. I often wonder why women think that men are insensitive, and then they get on them when they do show emotion. Its like, you can't have it both ways, either you want it this way or you want it that way. Women aren't the only emotional ones, its just that men are conditioned to never show emotion, whether its elation or the opposite. And then women complain that men don't show emotion or feeling. That...I'll never understand...

TravelDiva said...

LMAO. There's sensitive, and then there's wuss. Women want men to be sensitive to them to their needs. I don't have a problem with a man crying. But, I don't want some man that's crying more than me.

CapCity said...

Now, u know i don't do sports - but when I saw this title over at yo' boi 12K's spot I had to come be nosey. R U FREAKIn' SERIOUS?

He needs The GodFather to slap hiz azz! OOOhhhh I cayn't stand a PUNK!


Oh, & Happy HollerDay, Sistah Smarty! ;-)

TravelDiva said...


TravelDiva said...

Happy Holidays Chica!