Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder ...

Sometimes I wonder about …

Why do some athletes think they are above the law?

How stupid do you have to be to shoot yourself in the leg?

Do athletes care how much they hurt the team?

Do they really deserve to make that much money?

Can you really call it work when it’s called a game?

How come teachers aren’t making 1/10 of what some of these athletes are making?

Did you know that the minimum salary for a rookie in the NFL is $295K and $398,762 for the NBA?

Holiday Shopping

Why do people lose their minds over Black Friday sales?

Is it really so serious that people should be getting trampled to death for a $97 GPS?

Shouldn’t we be pissed if they sell an HD flat screen TV for $1,499 all year and they turn around and sell it for $799?

Why do people get pissed at the retail salespeople when they run out of the stuff you want?

Don’t you think if they had it that it would be on the floor?

Why do I get a flashback of my Kmart job every time November rolls around?

Why do I feel like if I see this one lady who cursed me out because we put her lay-a-way back on the floor that I will beat her down?


How come it is easier to find weight than it is to lose it?

Why is it that I feel better when I see people in the gym who are bigger than I am?

Why are the personal trainers always cute until they make you excrete 12 gallons of sweat?

How come I touch the areas on my body that I know are sore from my workout?

Should I be that happy that I’m not that big or should I just keep my eyes on my own workout?


12kyle said...

good post

teachers should be paid more than athletes but they won't ever be.

nobody wants to roll up to the high school and pay $50 to watch mr. redfearn teach chemistry. lmao!!!

lmao @ personal trainers.

TravelDiva said...


You know who the Joker of the Week is!

I do that too when I come from the gym. I don't touch sore arms or legs, but I'll keep moving it and say, Man I'm sore.