Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm lovin' it!

So, in the past few weeks, everyone I know has been trippin' hard off the new McDonald's "McNugget Lovin'" commercial.

I think it's funny because at first, I, like a lot of others, thought, "who is this?" Then I saw that the dude was singing about some dang chicken nuggets. My first reaction was to laugh at the fact that I thought it was a new song, my second reaction was to laugh at the actual commercial looking like an R&B video.
Now, everybody's all upset. Those extra militant folks are threatening to boycott Mickey D's because they seem to think that every time a black person is in a commercial for them, they are either singing, dancing or playing a sport.
While there is a lot of evidence to support that:

I think the commercial is funny as crap.
It's just a commercial, nobody is looking to McDonald's to better the image of black folks. I think these are the people who look for racism everywhere. I don't know why everybody's acting like this is the first time Mickey D's has done a commercial catered to the black community.
I remember a commercial with some black kids jumping double dutch back in the day and what about that series of commercials starring Calvin who got the job at McDonald's?
Get a grip people! And just to show you guys that there are no hard feelings, enjoy this song from Dwele.


Eb the Celeb said...

I dont know why the commercial bothers everyone as far as the racist card... to me the commercial is just plain corny as hell... I mean why he cant just go get his own chicken nuggets... why the hell did she have to sneak off in the middle of the night to get some... and why the hell was he begging at the end "girl you got a 10piece dont be stingy" fo real though

I like the second commercial though... that's used to be my jam!
That lil dude was getting it! Because I remember being happy as hell as a kid when mama said we were going to mickey d's. I know you remember that comedian that did that sketch about how he passed by 100 mcdonalds before he stopped at one to drive his kids

the first commercial bothers me because no damn adults should be that pressed over some damn nuggets

The F$%K it List said...

I'm with EB the corny factor is what gets me. We as a people need to stop thinking that everything on TV is about better the race, hell if that is the case than you know what we need to just go on and end it all now.

There are better things to get in a piss about, like the Supreme court even considering (led by Supreme court justice Thomas) hearing a case that questioned Obama's right to serve as president based on his birth certificate.

New day Black people, WAKE UP!

TravelDiva said...

Agreed. When I saw it, I laughed because it was so stupid and corny--very 80s.

12kyle said...

i'm not gonna boycott mcdonald's but the commercial is pretty lame

nikki said...

LOVE the second commercial! um, the first one is lame. i'm with come he ain't just go get his own dang nuggets?