Monday, August 04, 2008

I've got a question for you.

Think really, really hard, what one thing do all these people have in common?

They've all had their bouts with breast cancer.
In case you don't recognize them, clockwise from the left, they are: Diahann Carroll, Cynthia Nixon, Robin Roberts, Roxie Roker, Kylie Minogue, Ruby Dee, Richard Roundtree and Sheryl Crow in the middle.
This all came to me last night when I read that actress Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36.
Most folks know Applegate as Kelly Bundy from the super funny, "Married With Children." She's also been featured in guest spots on TV shows like "Friends" "Family Ties" and "21 Jump Street." She also starred in the series "Jesse" and is now the star of ABC's "Samantha Who?" I like her best in movies though, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" and "Anchorman" are my favorites.
Anyway, last night, I saw the story on CNN and it threw me for a loop. She's 36 ya'll, 36. Don't get me wrong, I'm not so naive that I believe cancer only affects people over 50. It's just that she's only 10 years older than I am right now and things like this have a way of shocking you back into reality.
The thing is, nobody and I mean nobody is immune to this beast. I hope you guys are doing your self-exams and getting regular check ups. I don't really do either but I'm going to start. I hope you guys do too.


Dianne said...

My mother died from breast cancer at 59

I do all my check-ups :)

I think you're young yet to worry about that unless you have a family history. I think they say 30 but of course ask your doctor.

Smarty Jones said...

I'm not really "worried," it's just a sobering thought.

12kyle said...

i didn't know that Shaft had breast cancer. wow!

good post smarty

TravelDiva said...

Great post. My administrative assistant passed away from breast cancer in April. She was like a mother hen and we had worked together for several years. It's such a mean disease.

Anonymous said...

No one is immune from this disease. I actually have a friend that would be considered to be very young, that is dealing with a situation similar to this. She doesn't have breast cancer, but there are some concerns there found from exams. It's frightening, and I encourage everyone to keep faith, pray, and check yourselves as often as possible.