Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm on night No. ...

...I-don't-remember, of less than three hours of sleep. Since I have been having these 21-hour days for at least two and a half weeks, I have watched a loottttttttttttttt of TV and I realized why God does not see fit to make me a financially rich woman. I am convinced I would blow it all on these products on the infomercials.
No lie, I have seen that Magic Bullet thing about 20 times and everytime I watch it I want it more.

Doesn't that make you just want to mix up some muffins or a couple of daquaris? Something else I think I might want to is that Quick Chop vegetable chopper. When I get bored, I cook. The only thing I hate worse than baking is chopping up the stuff that I need to cook with.
For example, I make this off the hook pasta salad that has tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and red onions in it and sometimes grilled chicken. It takes nearly an hour for me to chop up all that stuff if I'm making a lot of it and it's not like I can just sit down while I chop this stuff up. So, I of course, I've fooled myself into thinking that it's practical.
If that's not bad enough, Time Life is about to hook me on those dang collections. Now to be completely honest, there are probably about 10 songs, in all, on those CDs that I either don't have or have access to, the difference is I don't have them all together. So, does that make it practical to start the Time Life Collection or should I just head to iTunes and pick up the 10 I don't have?
Sure it'd be cheaper but I won't get all those great liner notes and useless tidbits of information that I will never use again.


Eb the Celeb said...

That timelife mess is a scam... they automatically debit your card every month and keeps sending you CD's after... I was like was is all this mess... I ordered 1 CD... and they added me to some mandatory club... I had to cuss them people out!

Smarty Jones said...

Good looking out, no Time Life for me! I will be heading on over to iTunes.