Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have a confession.

This is so hard for me to do. My name is Smarty Jones and I'm addicted to Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme on VH1.
Seriously. Ordinarily I wouldn't get involved with the nonsense that is CelebReality on VH1, but for some reason, this one has caught and kept my attention. I think it is that the female emcee, or femcees as I've heard them called, amaze me. Not that women shouldn't be able to do it like the men, or better, I'm just amazed.
In the first episode, they narrowed the field from 50 contestants to 10. The 10 left are (1)Byata from Brooklyn, she's my favorite, she's unlike anyone I've heard. She could almost be a female member of the Wu Tang Clan if such a member existed.
(2)Chiba from Neptune, NJ. she's good too. She and Byata are so much alike they can't stand each other. But both of them are off the hook. For whatever reason her pic didn't save when I created that homemade graphic.
Next is (3)Miss Cherry from the 'A,' I like her too, she reminds me of Luda a little bit. That chick has punchlines for days. Then (4)Nicky2States reppin' Huntsville, Ala., she's like a cross between Trina, Lil' Kim and the original Foxy Brown from her "Ill Na Na" days.
(5)Lady Twist is from Dolton, Ill., and that could explain why she reminds me of Twista. Her ability to tell a story reminds me of Biggie though.
(6)Bree is from L.A., though I would have thought Ohio because she could have been a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony. And (7)Rece Steele, I'm not sure about her. I think she's leaving next. She doesn't leave a lasting impression at all.
The others who rounded out the top 10 include one-hit wonder (10)Khia, D.A.B., and this Russian chick Lionezz.
Apparently the fame from "My Neck, My Back" dried up and Khia either needed some money or some exposure. She succeeded in making an ass of herself and getting disqualified for plagarizing herself and she didn't even spell respect right. Now I am all for the beat and making the lyrics fit but there is NO excuse for ignorance.
(9)D.A.B. was alright. She was a wreck though. She is a recovering addict with a helluva story to tell and she told it, over and over and over again but not in her rhymes. She was too needy and needed to be accepted. That doesn't translate well in hip hop.
And (8)Lionezz is a special case. This is the only person to have been eliminated twice. She was the first one voted off, but was brought back after Khia played herself. Her accent killed her. She is from Russia so she's behind the curve on trying to learn how to deliver rap in English. But her lyrics are sick!
They tapped M.C. Search and YoYo to host the show. I haven't heard anything from Search since Third Base came out with "Gas Face," and YoYo did a little bit of acting but has remained under the radar for a while.
Either way, it's my guilty pleasure. Hey, I'm entitled to one right? I didn't watch Flavor of Love or I Love New York and until they do another session of Charm School, I'm fresh out of foolishness.
Seriously, if you love hip hop or rap, take a look. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh.

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