Monday, January 15, 2007

Nearly a month ...

and so much has happened!
First off, I would like to congratulate Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy on their Golden Globe wins. Both did outstanding jobs on their roles and they deserve all the praise they are getting. I am happy to report that I do not have to boycott any awards shows in the near future. This is one down and many more to go!
Secondly, I am still trying to get over President Bush and his address last week detailing his "plan" for the remainder of the war in Iraq. I am amazed and downright astonished that the man has yet to be impeached.
The man admitted that he expects more lives to be lost in this new effort and he is still calling for more than 20,000 troops, airmen, seamen and Marines to go on this suicide mission to secure "democracy" and ensure the safety of the people a full ocean away.
I'm just saying, we don't have democracy and safety here, how are we going to tell other people in their own country how they should live?
They finally killed Saddam Hussein and now they have hanged his co-defendants. I am certainly not one to govern how folks handle their own business, but who in the world let someone get a camera into this event?
The guy who recorded and the folks who watch it over and over speak volumes about how horrible and un-empathetic we have become as a society. It is absolutely horrible that we continue to watch this without any sort of remorse or empathy for his family. He may have been what we deem a horrible man, but no one deserves to have their death, execution or not, broadcast for the entire world to see.

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