Saturday, January 20, 2007

Enough already!!!

I am sure that we are all more than happy that the cops found those white kids who were kidnapped. But is it just me or has this kid managed to stay all up in the cameras since he got back home?
I mean really, I am happy for the family, but four years of being away from your family and you didn't once think of contacting them or the police? I don't think the boy's all there.
Hilary Clinton has finally thrown her hat into the presidential race. Anyone surprised?
I'm not either.
I hope she does well. If I could just dream here, I would love to see a Clinton/Obama ticket for '08. That way, we can guarantee that we'll have back to back folks in office who can get something done.
I say Clinton for president because she's done it before. :-) Heh, heh, heh. Like I'm the only one who believes that it was actually her, not her husband, making the decisions.
I'll tell you who should really run for president, Barack Obama's wife Michelle. I tell you, that woman looks like she doesn't take any stuff, from anyone.
And last but certainly not least, it seems that some Muslims are growing tired of being the villains on "24." Black people, all around America, say it with me now - so.
Shoot, before 9/11, it was us who were always the villains - us and our Hispanic brethren. It didn't matter what happened, how it happened, the description was always a black/Hispanic guy, height 5'6 to 6' between the ages of 18 and 35. That describes just about every black/Hispanic guy in America.
All I'm saying is get over it. You aren't special. You have just become the latest on the list of folks to hate. Once upon a time, it was Native Americans and Asians.
Welcome to the club. We're getting jackets next week. What would you like embroidered on yours?

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