Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder ...

* What ever happened to background dancers for rappers?

While we're talking about music, I wonder:
* How come rappers don't dance anymore?
* Why do they feel a need to have 175 other people on stage with a microphone?
* How long do we have to wait until real hip hop comes back?
* Why is it that the best singers and performers become victims of drugs and alcohol abuse?
* How come we don't have anymore super labels where every artist is a hitmaker like classic Motown, Uptown/MCA, Jive and Laface?
* Am I the only one who can't listen to this new music?
* Why do I have to resort to my mp3 player with the FM converter in the car?
* How come nobody ever has sightings of dead black singers like white folks do Elvis?

In sports, I wonder:
* Am I the only person who could care less about the NBA?
* Is it just me or have the players gotten boring and ugly?
* Why did it just register that Oklahoma has a team now?
* How in hell did the owners come up with a nickname like "Thunder?"
* Shouldn't they have been the Tornadoes?

In general, I wonder:
* Is ugly the new cute now?
* Why one of my little nieces think's Weezy is cute.
* If I should have laughed when I told her parents to have her eyes checked.
* Are talent scouts on the look out for ugly talented people?
* Should I still say ugly or have we gone PC with that too?
* What would be PC for ugly anyway, attractiveness deficiency?


The Jaded NYer said...

you needed to have warned me that you had a pic of the ugly ass muppet on your post.

there goes my appetite and libido. dead. all because you just HAD to post a pic of HIM on your post.


Eb the Celeb said...

There is just too much here... way too much... I could write a 10 page post answering these questions

Smarty Jones said...

I'm sorry, I should have issued a warning, my bad.
On of my friends gave the most accurate description I've ever heard about him. She said he looks "itchy." I agree.
He kinda reminds me of flannel PJs in the late spring.

Girl, I know, I've had these questions bottled up for a few weeks. I had to get them out. I miss Jodeci. :(

The F$%K it List said...

Glad your mind is clearer now.

Now please don't ever ever ever post the Leprechaun from "Leprechauns in the hood" ever again.

I miss Jazz too, I heard "What About us" on Pandora and was so sad.

TravelDiva said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA on the ugly bit. I hear you girl--maybe ugly = street cred? It's just unattractive to me. I can't even look at Weezy when he takes his shirt off and shows the tattoos. I flip the channel.

I don't know on the substance abuse--Jodeci is probably the most heart-breaking for me. It just doesn't make any sense.

I think rappers dancing was a very 80s, early 90s thing. Aside from Diddy, who is special, can you see any rapper out now break it down like say Big Daddy Kane and still maintain his masculinity like Kane did?

Anonymous said...

you keep calling these people ugly, why so hateful? your the kind of person majority of people will see as ugly,and no i am not talking about ugly in the inside, i am talking about physically. Are you insecure? you must think calling people ugly will minimize your ugliness. i know you have probably been teased all your life, just cos you grown now, doesn't mean you stopped been ugly.Just means people you surround yourself with are either co-signers or are grown enough not to call you out on your physical appearance. Just cos u have a blog don't mean u can go in on people, because lets be real you ugly your damn self, if you think i am lieing take a blind poll. if your friends are truthful they will probably let you know your not a looker, you obese and facially you ugly, not just cos your dark skinned just cos your black and ugly.from the way you look, chances are people probably talking behind your back too, stop propagating your insecurity by calling other people ugly, you are only adding to your own ugliness. smh i think you already know how you look, like u said you probably just act like you don't know, as if that will change anything.