Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You missed a great show!

So, I wanna give a great big shout out to The Jaded Nyer for having me on her show. I had a great time, I got to live my dream of being one of the talking heads on the radio.
Check it out:
We still didn't get anything accomplished other than the fact that she hates Tyler Perry movies and I don't. LoL. And guess what people, there was no blood shed. A few folks pulled out machetes and gats but still, nobody died.
All in all, we had a good conversation and we basically decided, decreed and agreed that we've got to do it ourselves. It's time we stop waiting on the big Hollyweird studios to produce our stories, we've got to get on our grind and start helping each other.
So right now, any aspiring director, producer, screenwriter make contacts with other folks who are either doing or want to do what you want to do and help each other out!
To paraphrase the wonderfully fabulous RuPaul, "If we don't help ourselves, how in the hell do we expect anyone else to help us? Can I get an 'Amen' up in here?"


The Jaded NYer said...


Girl, how funny that we both had a "Come To Jesus" type post on the subject?? LMAO

I say, people can start with meetup.com to network with other creative types in the area.

Also, seek out local film festivals- the wealth of information and contacts you can make... man, nothing compares to it.

And I had so much fun with you tonight I promise never to bring out the machete again!! lol

Smarty Jones said...

LoL!!! You are funny to me!
I think I'm in an awkward position here. I have to do a little more digging for folks in my area who want to do what I do.
I am thinking of forgoing my vacation to attend the A-A film festival this year. I'll have to check my coins though.
And thank you for not bringing out the machete again. I just get the weirdest visuals of you and F$%t It List having a Crocodile Dundee moment, "That's not a knife. There, that's a knife!"

The F$%K it List said...

I'm posting my machete today, just for you two. Plus I'm not in the mood to write anything hahahah

It was a great show! I think it was good to hear the difference of opinion and realize that it starts and ends with us.

One of ya'll need to submit your resume to Tyler Perry.

Eb the Celeb said...

Of the parts I heard... you guys did great... sorry I couldnt be there for the entire show.

TravelDiva said...

That's awesome! I'm so sorry I missed it. I saw it on FB but didn't have a chance to listen.