Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's up peeps?!

I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Weekend and that you all attended church services with your families. If you didn't, I understand.
Under normal circumstances, I thoroughly enjoy church services. I do love to hear a wonderful sermon accompanied by some great singing on a wonderful Sunday morn. But yesterday had to be one of the most dreadful days I've ever spent in a church - that includes every single wedding and funeral I've ever attended.
First and foremost, why in the name of all that is Holy do some people bring their children to church only on Easter Sunday? I know they got new clothes and they look cute and everything, but do you not see the issue here?
I'm all for bringing the babies to church but dang, bring them more than once a year so that they will know how to act when they get there. Ya'll, I swear, there were babies all around me crying and screaming and the only thing I can tell you about what went on in church yesterday is the Men's Choir sang and the scripture came from the book of Mark.
Don't get me wrong, on a normal day, 'Smarty love the kids!" But for whatever reason yesterday, I was extra irritable. Those kids got on my good nerve. A word to the everyone who has children, those of us who don't have any have very little patience with yours. The bottom line is, bring the kids to church more often.
Even if you opt not to bring them until Easter or Christmas, don't give them candy before or during service. Save the dang Easter baskets for after church. And while we're on the subject where did the idea for Easter baskets come from anyway?
It's the "Easter Bunny," right? Then, we have Easter Eggs. How are the two related? Bunnies don't lay eggs. They have live births because they are mammals, they can't physically lay eggs. That has irked me forever and I never got a straight answer.
Well you guys know me, I did the research. Like to see it, here it a quick history.
In case you don't click the link, the legend of what I'm renaming, the Resurrection Hare, comes from Germany. Apparently the legend was brought over by German settlers and was first seen in print in the 1500s.
The rabbit or the hare, became a symbol for the newness of spring because it is one of the most fertile animals. Since Easter is unofficial kickoff for Spring, some smart person found a way to merge it. There's only one thing though, it makes no sense.
Either way, I'm glad it's all over. I'm overjoyed that Jesus got up on that third day, but I am a lil' less than satisfied with how we show our appreciation.


Sheletha said...

I didn't have a problem with the kids, it was the grown ass people who didn't know the difference between church clothes and club clothes. Or maybe, they were at the club before church and just decided to come on in...either way I wanted to smack a bitch up a couple of times.

Forgive me Lord.

I had a crazy Ressurection Day, as well. It was all because the pastor decided to preach moreso about death...rather than the ressurection. It wasn't Jesus' death either. Discernment allowed me to be befuddled. I even had to come home and call some people just to make sure it wasn't just me misunderstanding and good word falling in the thickets.

I ate good.

Smarty Jones said...

ROTFL @ the club clothes.
Girl, that happens every weekend. I just figured some of those Bamas are trying to turn the preacher on.
Hey, at least you heard the sermon. I ended up leaving because the whole thing was grinding on my nerve.
I ate good too, then again, I always do. I didn't get this big eating Froot Loops.