Monday, March 10, 2008

I know you notice some changes ...

... I've been doing some maintenance and I'm trying to find a new look. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Speaking of maintenance, I had a thought that I shared with a few of you already but I would like to get some more feedback. A poll will be posted later on today but feel free to leave your comments as well.
In looking over my posts for the past couple of months, I have focused a lot on politics and not as much on news and entertainment as I used to. I am considering starting a second blog that focuses mainly on politics and the happenings in that arena.
I consider myself fairly well-versed in politics and what I don't know I am more than willing to research. So I feel like I could do a decent job, but it's not ALL about me. I want to hear from ya'll.
With that said, I give you, the return of the "hodge-podge" posts.
First off, what is up with American Idol this year?
I AM NOT feeling this new, kinder, gentler Simon Cowell. He looks like it is hurting him to say these "nice" things. Did Fox mandate that he attend anger management or what? I haven't heard any clever wisecracks or play on words or anything this year.
He hasn't even offered up a "what the bloody hell was that," in his British accent or anything. All we hear is constructive criticism and I'm sick of it. Every since I've been watching this show, Randy's been the cool one with the constructive criticism, Paula's been the pushover and Simon's been the butt hole. Why mess with a winning combination?
The most exciting that show's been all year is when the info about the sexy Hispanic guy being a stripper in a gay club and watching to see if Randy's lips are going to crack and bleed. His lips are almost as bad as Malik Yoba's. OK, well maybe not that bad, but they do look like he had an allergic reaction to something and he needs to handle that.
Moving on to the more serious, an Oklahoma legislator, Sally Kern, has stuck her foot all the way down her throat and she's unapologetic.
Take a listen:

The sad thing is she is not remorseful about her hate-filled, and at times racist, words. I think that she is a part of the main thing that is wrong with America - people spewing hateful language and trying to deny the rights of others.
She has every right to say and feel the way she wants, but when she tries to start denying people their rights, somebody must speak on it.
In the words of Jay-Z, "I thought this was America people!"

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