Monday, October 29, 2007

So what I took two weeks off?

I was working. And I had to get ready for Homecoming.
It is only the biggest event to hit a historically black college or university all year long. If more of you went to HBCU's, you'd know that!
Anyway, I do want to throw out a big, "Ag-gie Pride" to all of my fellow Aggies throughout the world, because you know that Aggie Pride is definitely worldwide.
It's too bad we lost the game - again.
I love my school as much, probably more than, the next Aggie, but we haven't won a football game in so long, we had to take the "for" off and just call it 'ever. Our boys are currently on an unprecedented 25-game losing streak.
I think it is safe to say that Coach Lee Fobbs and his entire staff can go ahead and clean out their lockers.
Now, I don't know a WHOLE lot about football, but I do know that any college coach who loses every single game for two consecutive seasons can not expect to get a job anywhere else. It might be time to re-examine his profession.
I mean dang, a single game in two years. Shoot, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I think if Coach Fobbs plans to stay in the coaching field, he might need to start out with something smaller, like, Pee Wee Football or Pop Warner or something.
I'm not saying the dude shouldn't be coaching, just maybe not football. There's still track and baseball and basketball, hell, he may even want to give soccer a run.
I mean, I've never played football, competitively, a day in my life and judging by what they've done there, I could at least be the defensive coordinator. I'm saying all this to say the athletic director Dee Todd needs to start interviewing some folks for that job, right quick like.
I mean really, we ain't got no where to go but up!
But regardless, I still love my alma mater. I think we have simply fallen victim to lackluster coaching and a couple of poor recruiting classes. I would think that it is hard to recruit a strong freshman class if you're not winning any games.
Here's a novel idea, let's get a mediocre coaching staff and try to win at least one game next season.


TH said...! I guess the band can continue to say that they're the main attraction - even at the games.

Smarty Jones said...

That's bad. Hopefully next year will be much better!

Ebonne said...

I missed homecoming...(sigh) had to go to denver for MNF...

but anyway... you've been tagged